Reasons why hiring a freelancer makes business sense


Hiring a specialized freelance, such as an online marketer / website manager, will help streamline your business, especially if you have limited resources. Rather than employing a full-time staff member, you can work with CMWebb LLC on a project-by-project basis. This will also free up your current staff to do other tasks.


By not having to hire someone full-time, you will have less salaries and benefits to cover. You’ll also not have to worry about vacation times and investing effort in training. Freelancers are used to working independently and can quickly move up to speed.

*Swift delivery

When dealing with tasks that are not your specialty, it’s more efficient to allow a specialist, CMWebb LLC, to handle it for you. Freelancers are motivated to do a good job, fast. They know it’s in their best interest to exceed your expectations and be reliable. They want to get the job done. They don’t have time to waste on gossip or office politics.


Freelancers have been known to work odd hours. They don’t have to operate during business hours. They can update your website late at night, post social media feeds early in the morning. You’ll just need to be clear about what you want done, and they’ll create time to do the work optimally.


Good freelancers have solid experience with many different types of businesses. As they continue to work with a variety clients, they expand their skills and your company will benefit from their knowledge.

Allow me to focus on your online marketing and website management while you focus on your customers.

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